Tailored application and partnership

The versality of the workflow enables to foresee many other domains in which our technology could lead to highly value outcome from secretory based cell selection. We are actively looking for partners to co-develop both straightforward and high risk applications such as:

  • Secretion-phenotype based antibody development (Anti-GPCR mAb)
  • Secretion-based differentiated cell enrichment for regenerative medicine
  • Secretion-based CAR T cell performance optimization
  • Secreted enzymatic activity-based cell sorting

Do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiry, you have a secretion-based isuue we can help you selecting the best sub-population.

Based on a two-component molecular system and a so-called bio-orthogonal chemical reaction, the MicroOmiX technology allows direct use of the internal surface of the droplet for detection of biomarkers.