We picture the dynamics of Life

Cell populations are, by essence, made of a mosaic of individuals with discrete fluctuating gene expression profiles highly relevant to both biological and pathological states. In this view, single cell omic analyses are about to revolutionize our understanding of such processes. The impact of these technologies on pre-clinic research, biomarker development and personalized medicine will keep on growing over the coming decade. Yet, they are still in their infancy and their full potential is left to be reached. Indeed, the lack of affordable technologies tailored to provide rapid and cost effective omic signatures hampers their massive deployment in any hospital, biology and research facilities and, therefore, hampers the translation of major scientific advances into better patients care.

MicroOmiX’s mission

is to develop a suite of innovative technologies enabling to establish single cell omic signature with devices that can be directly incorporated into current state-of-the-art biological analytic processes. We also aim at extending the field of possible by developing innovative dual transcritomic-proteomic and secretomic signatures to provide unprecedented insight into the dynamic of life and pathological adaptations.

Technologies offering

MicroOmiX technologies are aiming at spreading single cell omic investigation capabilities by making them accessible and affordable.

By combining a set of proprietary patented technologies, we will release a versatile suite microfluidic-based single-cell device capable of multiple level of single cell analysis readouts, such as:

    • A unique single-cell resolution sample prep process
    • Single-cell dual transcriptomic/proteomic signature (up to 30 biomarkers)
    • A secretomic patern analyzer
    • Transcriptome-wide and targeted proteome barcoder for NGS analyses

You may have very specific needs such as picturing biological heterogeneity in pre-clinical drug development, companion diagnostic development, or a customized microfluidic workflow.  In such cases, we offer the option of a tailored co-development project.

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