Unusual gives Steve a christmas time expose, and you will seals themselves into the a cage

Unusual gives Steve a christmas time expose, and you will seals themselves into the a cage


Since a christmas time give on their own, Shake and you can Carl broke up the price of a post-purchase fiance out-of Chechnya. Carl is wanting toward intercourse he won’t have to spend for every single big date https://datingmentor.org/escort/mesa/, while you are Shake was thrilled for you to definitely get ready and brush and you may wait towards him. Frylock announces so it becoming “depraved”; Move thank you so much him and states he hopes she sees that inside your too. Carl and Move quickly initiate assaulting more who can rating basic usage of the “co-fiance”.

Through to arriving, its Chechnyan fiance Svetlana was instantly accosted by the Carl and you may Shake that’s horrified by each other possibilities; Shake need she “enter your kitchen and you can boil [him] certain sausages” whenever you are Carl gift suggestions the girl a small g-string and you can informs the woman in order to “set it towards and you can move it”. She flees to Carl’s domestic and you can barricades herself in to the. If you find yourself seeking to availableness his family through the second-story window, Carl drops and getaways his shoulder. Svetlana notices this and promptly nails a bit of plywood all over this new window. Further attempts because of the Carl to go into merely explanations Svetlana to help you “scream at the myself in this words. such a devil yelling during the me or something like that”. She really does have the ability to communicate one she will only perform some marriage provider when the she will be able to sit closed for the Carl’s rooms.

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“Mail-order Bride” ‘s the 17th bout of the initial seasons off Aqua Teen Food cravings Push. It to begin with shown on the .


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Cold open

Meanwhile, Meatwad and you may Frylock enjoy Xmas. Frylock gives Meatwad your own hair he’d become requesting and you may Meatwad brings Frylock brand new “wrap-around cups” he had been asking for: an arbitrary collection of pinecones and you will sticks gorgeous fixed together because the Move highlights, something similar to the computer the guy had the year ahead of, generated completely off departs.

Once the group assembles outside Carl’s bedroom towards wedding service with Carl dressed in a bluish tuxedo which have ruffles more a large shoulder grip rig due to their damaged neck and you may Shake sporting a black bowtie and cummerbund secured in order to their mug. Frylock proves struggling to pronounce Svetlana’s past name. Carl says it doesn’t matter, “merely state Smith otherwise Jones or something”. When Frylock can not pronounce Carl’s past label often, Carl informs your “Only say Smith also, it doesn’t matter. Nothing associated with things.” When Frylock informs them to slide the latest ring within the doorway, Move suggests he’s no band, and you can “actually providing roped towards the all of that” given that the guy “has not yet seen dinner immediately following because this entire topic come.” Carl agrees, and you will Frylock skips it and you may announces him or her partnered, and therefore quickly prompts Svetlana so you can break Carl’s room windows, stay away from towards the a rope created from bed linens and you will flee brand new scene for the Carl’s vehicles. Carl, astonished by abruptly quick prevent of the relationship, muses one to she seem to “got the car”, which Meatwad highlights try commercially 50 % of hers now, “or a third. I dunno.”

The new episode finishes having an excellent cheesy wedding DJ congratulating this new “Misters and you may Mrs. Portowsky”, which encourages an effective torrent out of discipline away from Carl getting mispronouncing their identity, and a consult he “obtain the hell off right here”, whereupon Move reminds your they have “got your ’til dos” while the bride-to-be is long gone and not one person feels like dance except Meatwad.

The past world is a strangely-coming in contact with motion out-of empathy away from Meatwad, which informs Carl the guy “knows he’s injuring” and gives your a consolation Christmas time present; a stick to a bow in it. Carl’s responses: “Oh. A beneficial.”