Among the many huge misconceptions throughout the Poland would be the fact it’s an enthusiastic Eastern Eu nation and additionally Ukraine and you may Belarus

Among the many huge misconceptions throughout the Poland would be the fact it’s an enthusiastic Eastern Eu nation and additionally Ukraine and you may Belarus

If you’re Poland could have been the world I happened to be rather interested in learning, the a great deal more eastern and you may “rawer” locals (Ukraine and you may Russia) have always appealed in my experience more than one Central Western european nation previously you’ll.

That’s because because a guy who had been created inside the Ukraine and you may who talks fluent Russian, they made nothing sense for my situation to pay a lot of time inside places in which I didn’t have such a decisive advantage over almost every other tourists.

Nonetheless, although Ukrainian females and you may Russian women are female and you will naughty, the ceaseless materialism and you may transactional-built relationship possess through the years worn me off and made me personally desire some thing alot more Western. I am not saying these are things once the extreme just like the Western otherwise British otherwise anything, but just more West than I found myself speaing frankly about.

While I’ve only spent several weeks in Poland, one of my good friends, Ian, who’s from the UK, has spent a lot of time in Poland, ravaging courting the women in the best ways he knows.

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Next post is recorded from the my good friend Ian, an uk son who has been residing in Poland toward previous years.


That’s what numerous my personal friends when you look at the England think. The reality, not, is that Poland is truly in Main European countries along with regions instance Hungary in addition to Czech Republic. Once, you visit Poland, you will know as to why.

To begin with, Poland is significantly cleaner and better remaining than simply nearby Ukraine and you may Belarus. The latest towns and cities be much more prepared and you may some thing performs far better compared to East European countries such as Romania as well as Bulgaria. Together with, rather than Ukraine and Belarus, Poland is in the European union, and that says a lot towards nation’s development. There can be an explanation as to why a lot of Ukrainians and you can Russians want to go on to Poland and you will compliment life so much around.


Needless to say, Polish some body chat Polish, a great Slavic language that is very similar to Ukrainian and you may Russian (more just as the previous compared to the second). For many who chat Russian (I talk a while) or Ukrainian, you really need to no less than be able to investigate cues and you will earn some of one’s terms and conditions. Ukrainians who immigrate to help you Poland have said that it takes him or her at most 90 days to find conversational from the words.

I would recommend reading Gloss when you’re some one having severe along with your intentions in the nation, especially if you are planning to set up a base and become long-name. It can however generate combination convenient in addition to change your opportunity with the female. That have said, speaking Gloss is through no form a requirement as most young Polish somebody talk some English (as opposed to in Ukraine and you may Russia).

The women

This “non-East Western european reputation” without a doubt offers in itself with the females. I believe, Shine women are almost East Eu not it really is East Western european. Regardless if these are typically Slavic through-and-through, they don’t have the same super-women attraction and you may sex notice as compared to Ukrainian or Russian female.

I would personally declare that Gloss ladies are almost just like the attractive since Ukrainian lady. The reason I say it is because We evaluate Ukrainian girls since fundamental with regards to biggest femininity and you may elegance. In the event Gloss females has actually sweet confronts, they use up all your a bit of you to definitely “modelesque” lookup which is quite common which have Ukrainian and you can Russian.

Once you see good Ukrainian girl, brand new instant reaction you really have is, “wow, as to why actually her a design?” but if you come across a shine girl, your response are, “ok, she’s kinda lovely.” Several months. Without any model part.