Methods to Hookup a Gaming Head-set to Your Desk Top

Adding a gaming head-set to your PERSONAL COMPUTER is a great way to enhance your experience while playing video games. Whether you’re an avid COMPUTER gamer or perhaps a newbie to the world of virtual reality, a good pair of headphones will provide a more impressive environment, and also allow you to get in touch with your many other gamers.

Getting Started

Simply uses get together your games headset to your PC, you should determine which ports your headset needs to connect to. The most common way to do this is which has a 3. 5mm plug. This will typically have a ‘Y’ connector, one put for your computer’s microphone type and one particular for the audio result on your headset.

You can even hook the headset up via USB. This is the preferred connection for most modern day games headphones, as it allows your headset to concurrently send out microphone source and audio tracks out of the dock.


If you’re to not get any sound when you put your headsets in, the initial thing to check certainly is the jacks in your headset. In cases where they complement with the aiguilles on your PC, in that case your headset need to be working.

Headphones that don’t have a four. 5mm interface:

If your video games headset does not have a several. 5mm plug, you can still turn it on to your pc using action cable connection. Some gambling headsets include an extension cable that breaks out into a ‘Y’ connector, one for your mic input and the different for your music output with your headset.