Permitted First Priority Refinancing Obligations ought to include any Joined Comparable Cards provided in exchange therefor

Permitted First Priority Refinancing Obligations ought to include any Joined Comparable Cards provided in exchange therefor

Allowed Securitization Funding mode a minumum of one purchases pursuant to which (i) Securitization Property otherwise passion therein are sold to otherwise financed of the one or more Special purpose Securitization Subsidiaries, and (ii) instance Special purpose Securitization Subsidiaries financing their purchase of such Securitization Property otherwise welfare therein, or the funding thereof, from the promoting otherwise borrowing from the bank facing Securitization Possessions and one Hedging Preparations joined to your regarding the such Securitization Possessions; provided, that recourse for the Borrower or one Subsidiary (other than this new Special purpose Securitization Subsidiaries) about the for example transactions should be simply for the fresh new the quantity classic (since the determined by the fresh new Borrower inside good-faith) for similar purchases about relevant jurisdictions (and additionally, into the the quantity appropriate, in a sense consistent with the delivery from a “genuine income”/“sheer import” view with respect to one import by the Borrower otherwise one Subsidiary (except that a unique Goal Securitization Part)).

The fresh new Funding form the fresh new Indebtedness sustained or even to end up being obtain because of the Holdings and its particular Subsidiaries under the Credit Records (while a full utilization of the Rotating Duties) and all other financings contemplated by the Credit Files, within the for each and every case after providing impact into the Purchase as well as the incurrence of all financings when you look at the commitment therewith.

Log off Funding means specific capital to invest in brand new Reorganization Bundle expected to be consisting of the latest Elderly Label Loan Studio, the fresh new ABL Studio, the brand new Euro Securitization, the fresh Notes while the Very first Lien Cards

Permitted First Priority Refinancing Loans means any secure Indebtedness (in addition to people Entered Comparable Notes) incurred of the Moms and dad Debtor and you can, in the event that appropriate, one Co-Borrower, when it comes to a minumum of one variety of elder secure cards otherwise financing; so long as (i) including Indebtedness is secured from the Guarantee into the a pari passu basis (but versus mention of the new control over remedies) into the Personal debt which is perhaps not safeguarded because of the one possessions otherwise assets out of a debtor otherwise one Limited Part besides the newest Equity, (ii) including Indebtedness is not anytime secured by any Subsidiaries apart from Subsidiaries that are Co-Individuals or Guarantors, (iii) including Indebtedness does not mature otherwise enjoys booked amortization or money off prominent (other than regular proposes to repurchase on a big difference away from handle, advantage business or feel away from losings and a customary velocity correct immediately after a meeting from standard) ahead of the day which is 91 weeks adopting the Newest Maturity Day of every Loan an excellent at that time instance Indebtedness are sustained or awarded, (iv) the safety plans in accordance with such as Indebtedness was considerably a comparable once the or review maybe more advantageous with the Financing Parties as compared to Equity Documents (with for example differences given that is actually fairly satisfactory toward Agent) and (v) a senior Member performing on behalf of one’s proprietors of such Indebtedness should have become group to help you or otherwise subject to this new arrangements of one’s Intercreditor Plans.

Bridge Investment setting interim funding to pay for qualified project can cost you up to the latest CWSRF funding for the enterprise was obtained on the Condition Liquid Board

Refinancing Financial obligation function Debt you to definitely refunds, refinances, renews, replaces or offers people Obligations allowed to become Sustained by the Company otherwise any Restricted Subsidiary pursuant for the regards to this Indenture, whether or not within exact same and other financial or collector otherwise gang of lenders or loan providers, however, merely to the the amount you to

Special purpose Capital function one funding or refinancing out of possessions composed out-of otherwise together with Receivables of your own Organization or people Limited Part that have been gone to live in another type of Mission Entity or made subject to a great Lien inside the a money Aura.